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Stylish Mobile & Container-Style Tiny

Discover the new wave of living with our new TINY HOME Container home, measuring at an impressive 11.8m x 2.25m x 2.4m (or opt for a 20 ft model or even 2 x 20 ft units). Embrace the revolution of minimalistic living without compromising on style or comfort.

Various styles and sizes available , depend on your desired living space requirements,

Opt for either a Luxury model with upgraded Kitchen & Bathroom or a Basic Entry level Model


Inside a tiny home on you'll find all the amenities you need for comfortable living, including a

  • Kitchen (many styles available)

  • Bathroom (many styles available)

  • Shower

  • Living area  

  • Bedrooms

  • Double glazed windows

  • Quality cabinetry

  • Toilet

  • Bathroom vanity and tap

  • Bench top with tap mixer Wood grain flooring and or carpet

  • Exterior and Interior cladding

  • Air conditioner

  • LED lights

  • Internal wall insulation

  • NZ Standard wiring and plumbing

  • NZ plugs, fittings etc

  • Actual cabinetry sizes & colours, configuration, etc may vary from that shown 1-2 bedroom options Photos show different options, size configurations etc available Different styles of cladding, floor etc available, various options are shown to choose from + others

  • 4 Options Available as below

Expandable Container House

Container House

Mobile Home