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Stylish Mobile & Container-Style Tiny Houses

Discover the new wave of living with our new TINY HOME in New Zealand. The Container home measures an impressive 11.8m x 2.25m x 2.4m (or opt for a 20 ft model or even 2 x 20 ft units). Embrace the revolution of minimalistic living without compromising on style or comfort.

Various styles and sizes are available, depending on your desired living space requirements,

Opt for either a Luxury model with an upgraded Kitchen & Bathroom or a Basic Entry Level Model

Inside a tiny home for sale in NZ, you'll find all the amenities you need for comfortable living, including a


  • Kitchen (many styles available)

  • Bathroom (many styles available)

  • Shower

  • Living area  

  • Bedrooms

  • Double glazed windows

  • Quality cabinetry

  • Toilet

  • Bathroom vanity and tap

  • Bench top with tap mixer Wood grain flooring and or carpet

  • Exterior and Interior cladding

  • Air conditioner

  • LED lights

  • Internal wall insulation

  • NZ Standard wiring and plumbing

  • NZ plugs, fittings etc

  • Actual cabinetry sizes & colours, configuration, etc may vary from that shown 1-2 bedroom options Photos show different options, size configurations etc available Different styles of cladding, floor etc available, various options are shown to choose from + others

  • We have 4 options available in miniature homes for sale 

Container House

Tough and stylish, our container tiny house in NZ is a smart choice. Made from sturdy shipping containers, it's fully furnished for modern living. Join the trend and live simply without giving up comfort.

Mobile Home

Take your home wherever you go. Comfortable and easy to move, it's perfect for travellers or those who love adventure. Wherever life takes you, your home can come too.

Expandable Container House

Get more space when you need it with our Expandable Container House. It starts small but grows big, so you can customise your living space. 

Apple Cube Home

Smart design meets cozy living in our Apple Cube Home. It's small but cleverly laid out, giving you more room than you'd expect.