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Party in Style in Our Pagoda Tents

Pagoda tents are modern tents that are usually used for outdoor events. Weddings, functions, corporate events, field days, temporary housing, storage, and drive-through functions can all benefit from a pagoda. The high peak design of our pagoda tents is stylish and works with most themes.

Why You Need a Pagoda Tent

Have you ever spent months planning an event only to have it rain out halfway through? If not, then luckily, you don’t know the pain that comes from not preparing for the worst. By using one of our pagoda tents, your event can continue uninterrupted. ​


Constructed from strong commercial-grade aluminium sections, these tents are built to withstand the elements. So, you can rest assured that bad weather won’t ruin your party. ​


These multifunctional tents can be used as a standalone venue or they can attach to other tents or marquees. To increase the size of an existing venue, a pagoda tent can also be set up just outside a building to create a protected indoor-outdoor space for your guests.

What Comes with Your New Pagoda Tent?

There are several tent size options available from 6m upwards. Different events have unique space requirements, so it’s essential to be sure the tent you choose is big enough for your needs. ​


SIZES 5m x 5m , 6mx6m , 8m x8m , 10m x 10m ​


Each pagoda tent includes: ​

  • An easy slot together frame and connector system

  • Tie down fasteners and anchor pegs ​


There are some additional optional add-ons available, including: ​

  • A silk interior roof liner

  • Clear walls or roof sections

Purchase the Perfect Pagoda

No matter the season, with one of our pagodas you can party up a storm. We can help you to find the size that is right for your requirements.

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