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Get to Know About Our Pricing

No marquee or tent is built the same. Each product is subjectively different in size, specifications and materials used. Our product range is typically between $3.5k-$30k.

Size & Materials

Marquees & Pagoda Spring top tents

Typically speaking, the larger the product, the more it’ll cost. This is because more materials are required to build the product to your specifications. Plus, more labour is required to build larger products.

This could include the size of the clear span, aluminum profile beam, and wall height. 

Commercial grade 850 GSM PVC roof & 650 GSM PVC walls



There are many different types of marquees and tents within our stock list. Each one varying in size and style. This means that each one of our products differs in price due to the variations and style.



The colour of the material used in each product can also have an effect on the price of the product too. This is because each colour is made up of different compounds - which makes the price vary slightly, depending on the colour.



Adding on extras can also change how each product is priced.

Typical extras for Glamping tents include:

  • Aluminium doors

  • Insulation

  • Chimney

  • Interior silk liner

  • Glass panels

  • Clear panels


Get in touch below to get an accurate quote for the product you're after!

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